If at any time you wish to restore the original. Do you need to run some ancient drivers or something? It should look like this: Identifier should not be changed. March 25th, 1. If I reference at the beginning of the line it simply refers to being at the bash prompt. I’ve tried numerous xorg tweaks, turning off composite, etc..

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If you don’t know, choose x, it is a safe bet. I reinstalled slackware If you have an Intel graphics card and an older version of Ubuntu then this page is for you.

However, I got it working with kubuntu. I am not new to linux, but I am new to ubuntu and debian based systems.

How can I install/use i driver instead of intel?

Edit the XF86Config file: Join Date Jun Beans Do not change the link in Case 2 even if it exists. I think I can probably do the same on suse. This means your fancy monitor with a strange resolution will work out of the box. Add the following sections at the end of the file if they don’t exist elsewhere: Identifier instal, not be changed. I use an integrated intel graphics card. You now have the upgrade kernel on your machine.


March 25th, 4. SAVED and create a.

There are small speed-ups, but still nothing compared to the i driver. I’ve tried that previously with no luck.

It can have any identifier, or might even not exist if you are just installing your xserver. If you know, list your favorite resolution first, and the other available resolutions after.

The reason I ask, is because the “intel” driver for me, is absolutely horrible.

It should look like this: Well thank you for your time. April 8th, 8.

Downloading and Installing the Intel i810 patches

Horiz Sync and Vert Refresh options are often not necessary. March 25th, 3. I am using intrepid 8.

I had to downgrade xorg to the gutsy version, install the i driver from there, and lock all the xorg packages. Ubuntu does not ship with this driver anymore. Candidate for Deletion This article may not be appropriate for this wiki, and may be deleted. I would backup existing working xorg.


[kubuntu] How can I install/use i driver instead of intel?

Be in the directory which you downloaded to. Your system should be set up.

If it all goes pear shaped, you can always get a basic working desktop via failsafe mode with vesa driver: You could also onstall 8 or 24 bit depth.

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