The touchpad which replaces a mouse is a joy to use, in my experience, and it is interesting how I reach for it at work, where I have a conventional keyboard and mouse! Inspiron B closed view view large image The exterior design, although not beautiful, could definitely be much worse. About problems due to upgrading. At one point I got a bit concerned by the fact that the computer was not shutting down unless I hit the shutdown or restart options twice. Screen is very good and no missing pixels. It is a 80GB drive and works like a charm right out of the box. A poor upgrade choice or a stupid move I suggest that you make a new installation of Lubuntu

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Dell Inspiron B view larger image.

The body casing is entirely plastic, no fancy aluminum or magnesium protection. I did poke at the screen a bit and found it to be firm. I thought i was doing the upgrade correctly, making a backup before installing Lubuntu The Keyboard Well it is actually quite nice. What else have I done with my chance acquisition — well I did try out both Linksys and D-Link USB adaptors and both worked well but the software with the D-Link turned out to be a bit quirky.

Then you will not be limited to four partitions. Having all the ports on the left side means things will get busy over there if you n120 3 USB devices plugged in — spreading them out a bit would have been nice.


Dell Inspiron B Review

Only having an ExpressCard slot is somewhat of a downer. A heavier 6-cell unit is available for those who need more mobile power. Operating System and Software: It only creates false hits in the search engines. I thought of using soft links to accomplish that, but am not sure about the wisdom, not to mention the ease, of merging the contents of the Ubuntu partitions with the new Lubuntu file system.

Inspiron B back left side view view large image. December 2nd, 8.

Dell Inspiron B120 Laptop for Parts or Repair Pp21l

Don’t use this space for a b12 of your hardware. It may be possible to get better video performance by adding additional RAM. It is more so the case with the corel presentation files which are now more tolerant of MS Powerpoint files. Transfer rates overall were quite decent.

Dell Inspiron B a poor upgrade choice or a stupid move

The keyboard on the B is fine. This turned out to not be computer specific but due to some application hogging the resources and not shutting down in the first go. To each his own, as they say.

Everything but the sound card and wireless card are properly detected and installed graphcs I boot ihspiron a Knoppix LiveCD. I got a Dell Internal Wireless McAfee is on there continually popping up messages every seconds and doing something on its own, whether you want it to or not.


There is no sag or problems with the keyboard. Screen latches view large image The screen is a My screen does not have dead pixels and though a bit of twisting of the notebook lid is possible after all it is made out of plasticthe image held steady.

Dell Inspiron B view large image. Boot into your new installed system. I use it daily as much as possible and has not disappointed me yet. This is a budget notebook and as such is constructed in a manner to keep costs down.

This may seem like a waste of 3 GB space to some, on an already smallish harddisk, until you stand in my shoes and have had to restore the system a few times read the iinspiron Having heard about the pros and cons and hypes around dual channel memory and its latency etc. I would like to reclaim the several partitions under their old names – if possible.

Another test that I ran was the HD utility and the graphs for the results follow:

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