GRE 30-3290 DRIVER

Retrieved from ” http: In most cases I will issue you a time limited license key to help you complete your evaluation. I will do my best to answer your question as quickly as possible. Support for the RadioReference. Those drivers are available from the GRE America support web site at http: License key emails will always come from keys psredit.

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This button will bring up a screen that will allow the program to scan through all possible serial ports looking for the scanner. What can I do about this error? All of this assumes that you have first set the COM port of your scanner up to the transfer speed you desire. When direct access is used which is the default 30–3290, the program can automatically locate and use the USB cable without the need to pre-configure the program to use a specific COM port on the computer.

Connecting scanners via USB

Radio Reference Web Service Support: When I enter my license key in the software, the program tells me that the key was valid and stored, but when I restart the program asks me again for my key Gge radio is PC programmable and supports unit-to-unit cloning. All PSREdit software programs have a 30 day free trial period. Prolific has, with their latest driver release, made their drivers incompatible with any but authentic chips. As of February grre, the process of generating the license key has been automated.


One year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Support for the RadioReference. It’s beyond the scope of this article to detail this, as it tends to vary from scanner to scanner. The tool that will allow you to diagnose these issues is Device Manager. I’ve lost my license code, how can 3-03290 recover it?

Uniden’s USB-1 cable, as well as cables provided by GRE and RadioShack use only authentic chipsets, and are more likely to include continued forward support. There is a key lock for safety and the LCD is backlit. To find the correct port, use the find port button on the serial port configuration screen. What PC to Radio cables will work with these radios? What is direct cable access and what are it’s advantages? The listings below detail which USB cable to buy, and other important conditions.

If prompted, allow the program to run as Administrator and enter the administrator password if required. Do not use the short adapter cable with these scanners, the cable will not work with the adapter in place. With the lack of serial ports on newer PCs these days, having to connect to a USB port is a necessary, but sometimes frustrating, evil.


Copyright by RadioReference. Is the now discontinued RadioReference.

You can turn on the display’s backlight for easy viewing in the dark. How do I correct this? Please note however that a premium subscription to the RadioReference.

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Retrieved from ” http: I’m getting a time out error when attempting to talk to the scanner. Start in Administrator Mode Right click on the icon or menu item used to start the program. The CD-ROM was discontinued and keeping support for this prevented updating the web service interface to support recent features. If any are found, an email will be sent to that address with the license key information.

These radios require one of the following cables to be programmed from the computer:

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