See example of 6 byte integer number. ID number of VAT level. File contains 8 lines. First Euro Currency Phase Command line parameters have higher priority than configuration file parameters. Note Byte 10 and 11 are ignored in Euro

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Juli JAD Illegal characters and roman numbers are converted from text to binary data as ‘space’. Communication speed for communication with PC 0 — or 1 — It is possible to save received data in text and in binary form. Metrologic Ms Voyager Cumulated Totals grandtotals Receipt Graphic Logo Programming In commands 3 Finish sale4 Finish PC ONLINE communication8 sub-total and 9 receipt void are data ignored, but should contain data in valid range for example 0x00 in whole data area.

EuroT | ELCOM Cash Registers

Type of secondary electronic scales – see user manual for scales types. It is possible eocom change separator between first and second quantity. Customer Display Slide-out Hourly report clearing 4. Receiving grand totals values 3.


Byte Meaning type Flag digit 2 type of secondary electronic scales – see user manual for scales types BYTE 7 1 3 not used duro -. Hours Daily Report Setting the configuration string of the communication library, where ssssss is the configuration string.

Text journal is only a copy of journal tape in ECR.

Standard value of decimal separator is dot. About application Comm2A 1. Not all commands are supported in other national versions.

Each line contains data about one cashier. Value of transmitted stock is in range 1 – Read receipts PC journal 3. ST printing on receipt: In this case all parameters that are not entered in II.

Elcom EuroT Manuals

Table of Contents 4. The customer display is a digit segmented display with backlighting. Obtaining information about last sold item in PC-Online mode for Euro 3. Cashier sales report 3.

Autocable Euro-100/200

Message for cashier has more than maximal allowed lines message cannot be send. Clearing journals in ECR memory 4.


Passwords and access rights can be set only by ECR keyboard. Changed meaning of receipt types and added bar-codes to PLU structure. Programmed price is inactive. Elcom name and any logo or graphics file that represents our software may not be used in any way to promote products developed with our software.

Receiving PLU non zero sale report from Euro

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