Continue shopping Proceed to checkout. John, Bug in procedures that begin with T or t. It contains many on-board modules necessary for development variety of applications, including graphics, Ethernet, USB, Temperature measurement and other. Some of the pins are connected to other peripherials such as the DS temperature sensor, RS communication, 7-segment displays, LCD, etc. In this case the resistor’s value is 1K.

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LCD 2×16 characters Board is equipped with LCD 2×16 connector which allows you to connect LCD 2×16 display and place it securely using plastic distancer, specially designed for this purpose. If you have other questions about this product contact us here. There are 0 items in your cart.

EasyPIC v7 is all about connectivity. Special metal casing protects programmer module, and looks awesome, too. Dual switching power supply allows the board to support boath 3.

It supports over microcontrollers from Microchip. That range is 0V to 5V. Easypif3 one of our special offers and get great tools for less money. All credit card and personal details are kept secure, and our customer list is not disclosed to any third party. Each component is marked on a silkscreen.

Normally, it can ueb two lines of 16 alphanumeric characters, each made up of 5×7 pixels. A button press causes the port pin to be connected to ground JP20 is in the lower position.


EasyPIC v7

Board is equipped with power supply unit capable of supporting both 3. While a character LCD can display only alphanumeric characters, a GLCD can be used to display messages in the form of drawings and bitmaps. Special attention is required when placing the LCD. Having two different connectors for each port, you can connect accessory boards, sensors and your custom electronics easier then ever before. It is loved by beginners and hobbyists, as well as professionals, and used in education and development by thousands.

We offer you five populated MCU cards with several easypoc3 commonly used microcontrollers, and two additional empty MCU cards which you can use to solder any supported microcontroller you need in your projects. All lines are disconnected Jumper as a multiplexer Left line is selected Right line is selected.

With piezo buzzer you can debug your applications, or isb audio signalization feature. Just plug your board easypid3, and you are good to go.

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It can be connected to two digital output pins, one of which is the output of PWM module. Powerful on-board mikroProg programmer and In-Circuit debugger can program and debug over microcontrollers.


After testing and building the final program, you can take your MCU card out of the board socket and use it in your final device. Crystal oscillator 8Mhz oscillator circuit that provides external clock is connected to microcontroller osc pins. But it turned out that these additional features worsened his work. uxb

High quality reset button with surrounding reset circuitry ensures stable reset operation. This potentiometer allows you to adjust the contrast level of the pixels on your LCD eaypic3 character display.

EasyPIC PRO v7 – 80/pin PIC Development Board with Debugger

EasyPIC v7 is among few development boards which support both 3. Pushbutton switches Figure This potentiometer allows you to adjust the contrast level of easyypic3 pixels on your GLCD x64 display. Thus, only when the button is pressed will the microcontroller sense a logical ZERO; otherwise the pin state will always be logical ONE.

LCD contrast potentiometer This potentiometer allows you to adjust the contrast level of the pixels on your LCD 2×16 character display. Please forgive me for my essypic3 English.

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