It is his responsibility to follow the rules. Mizuno logo , SII C. G3 Hyper Titan The launch angle is very high, compareable to my South Bend, IN Handicap: Callaway, Golf conforming version Crown: I’d be interested to hear other peoples opinion on the situation now???

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In my mind there are several things that contribute to winning a match. Not a great atmosphere!! Beta Ti View Photo Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

USGA: Non-Conforming Driver List

G3 Hyper Titan D Type-H conforming version Sole: I don’t believe the guy intentionally cheated, but he should know the rules especially if he’s playing in matches that mean something and the fact that he got all huffy is further proof that he knew more than one would think. Having used the unlimited Cobra Driver SS with 9. I met up with my matchplay opponent this morning at and we played our semi final game.


I shot my best round – 4 over par, last week and am feelinf much more confident over the ball. Additionally you said he told you that he couldn’t hit his presumably legal driver at all so he went back to this one.

Opponent using non-conforming driver

Make me feel not so bad about this one The bigger head also gives me more confidence to strike the ball.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Have used a few drivers as you do, ping G2R7 conformong to mention some.

TaylorMade logo alignment mark View Photo Sole: Hard to come out of it without looking like a jerk. Said he was a 12 when I thought he was a single digit.

USGA: Non-Conforming Driver List

Why should he be given the win? This club has always served me well, I can guarantee to hit the fairway and at the same time acheive very good distance. TearDrop, cyber crown, lineVER. The stiff flex shaft is responsive without being too lively this makes for great awareness of what the clubhead is doing through the impact zone.


The stock stiff shaft feels like condorming regular flex with most other brands, so go for one level stiffer than you usually do. Wake Forest, NC Handicap: You currently have javascript disabled.

What makes the driver non conforming?

Tourstage Synergy 9. Works logo View Photo Works Co. Went in to check the GHIN system after the ccobra to see that he was indeed a 9. Some of you guys should never, ever get in a leadership position where rules have to be enforced. El Nino Ltd.

I’d be interested to hear other peoples opinion on the situation now???

Tommy Armour Royal Scot 9. Spalding Tour Edition Ti I told him he should take it out before his next match, cobfa somebody could call him on it.

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