PCB layout provides for this feature — the distance from a CPU socket to the chipset heatsink is small. CPU temperature grows under load. All you have to do to enable dual-GPU operation is to remove this terminator card and plug in your second graphics card. That’s how it works: According to the official ATI announcement, availability of proper motherboards is also a matter of the nearest weeks. You’ll get to use one port out of the box, with the remaining two as expansion headers. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the only jumper for clearing CMOS:

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As a standard on all motherboards, MSI’s CoreCell technology is also onboard, aiding in monitoring and diagnostics. The 3-phase switching voltage regulator of the processor incorporates three field-effect transistors rd408 channel the layout actually provides for 4 transistors per channelseven uF and four uF capacitors from an unknown manufacturer. Layout The RD Neo2 is a relatively safe motherboard.

This solution looks a tad better at first sight than a mini-card in the majority of nForce4 SLI motherboards, requiring laboursome flipping in a special connector except for models, where both ports always operate in x8 mode, and those, where these modes are switched on the software level. The set of proprietary utilities includes: Besides, arranging two bridges of the chipset and a couple of graphics ports required much attention.

Thus, if you don’t provide sufficient cooling, but set the high aggressiveness level, the motherboard will try to protect the processor from overheating; Separate chipset and memory voltage regulators as well as the hardware CPU protection from high current with a fast-acting one microsecond detector. The motherboard also offers automatic rpm control for fans, depending on the temperature it can be fine tuned: CPU temperature grows under load.


PCB layout provides for rdd480 feature — the distance from a CPU socket to the chipset heatsink is small. The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested.

MSI RD480 NEO2-FI, ATI RD480+ULI M1573, Socket-939, Crossfire question

There is also a standard 4-pin peripheral connector for very powerful video cards in PCI Express x16 slots. Write a comment below.

Proprietary technologies and peculiarities D. That’s why top motherboards often use southbridges from third-party manufacturers. According to the official ATI announcement, availability of proper motherboards is also a matter of the nearest weeks.

We all know that a full 1GHz 5x HTT link isn’t all that conductive to overclocking, but the board only allows users to select Auto which is 5x or immediately downclock it to MHz 1x. But this motherboard can hardly persuade a customer to give preference to the ATI solution: On the whole, atu layout merits the highest mark — RD Neo2 functionality is far from the low end level.

MSI RD480 Neo2-FI – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – 480X CrossFire Series

That’s obviously a logical way to separate the farther graphics slot on motherboards with CrossFire support. The RD Neo2 isn’t exactly what you’d call an overclockable motherboard.

Except for user defined clock — MHz and voltage on northbridge 1. Note that voltage settings were inactive in our motherboard — MSI representatives assured us that it’s a bug of this very preproduction sample. atu

MSI RD Neo2-FI – motherboard – ATX – Socket – X CrossFire Overview – CNET

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Passive cooling of the chipset has a positive effect on the general noise level, heat release of the northbridge is low, so that it’s easily cooled by a CPU cooler.


Everything will work fine in production-line models.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. You may also be interested in Of course, as Xpress CFE motherboards from other manufacturers appear in our test lab and most importantly in retail stores!

The last feature is actually of questionable use: When it reaches the value, specified in Smart Fan ahi, fan speed starts growing and stabilizes at higher values in the same way.

MSI RD Neo2 (ATI Radeon Xpress CrossFire) –

There is no cooling for example a heatsink, like on the reference motherboard and nearly on all MSI boards for the field-effect transistors. We also found a lot of empty seats for resistors, diodes, and other discrete components for the main chips. Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. However, the layout would have merited a prize, if the graphics ports had been divided into master and slave… like in case of SLI. But in the gaming segment, for which such motherboards are intended, side-functionality of the chipset does not play a pivotal role, two graphics ports are of primary importance.

One PCI Express x16 slot the one, which is closer to the processor on this motherboard is in a very privileged position:

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