The Realtek audio driver will install its own sound control panel, but if you really hate it just extract the setup file and point Windows to the driver folder. So these are the steps I’ve followed: Even after updating the drivers manually through device manager for the audio, it still gave me that blasted audio panel in the system tray. It seems to me that trim works fine. If no issues, then your overclock has an issue somewhere. I’ve tested 18ZZZ only, no issues. Was your memory all 1.

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Took me a while to figure that out, as I have been running the full scans at night. Thank you in advance.

Everything else is on. Finally ran a full one today, and Voila, up came the blue screen, so I have since uninstalled Avast and returned to MSE. That is exactly what I am trying to do. I’ll give it a shot next week when I op35 some time around the house again.

I don’t know how OC really works but maybe anyone can give ipp35 notes or screenshots of your BIOS that I can maybe copy to mine here’s where I’m at for now http: Does if have to be installed at all?


If any errors result, go back to stock speeds and test again.

Is there any special reason your link to the audio drivers goes to the majorgeeks site and not right to the source? Thank you guys for your help!

ShieldSquare reCAPTCHA Page

I have already updated the drivers it is just the bios I was not sure about. How to i change it in the bios to make it run at that speed? It is correct, and is sufficiently new to use with your SSD without issue, but I have a newer one http: I am still trying to get to 8gb of memory the cheapest way possible.

I am using RAID mode. Do some testing abif then try dropping the CPU voltage down little by little. As far as I know, uGuru will work in W7x I don’t know if this can help but this is the code 9. Thanks, that is exactly what I had tried earlier this morning after piecing together bits of information from the web, and it worked well. I use prime95 blend for 1h.

IP35 Pro & AHCI

I dont know it has the latest bios. It gave me the virtualization parameters, but gave me THIS problem! Can someone give a rough range of these setting that I should stay in abif Is the 14zzz as high as I will ever be able to go? Then I proceeded to destroy one of my memory sticks by dropping it on the floor.


Abit iP35 Pro – Switching to AHCI from IDE in Win XP x64

Hey whats the best quad core chip this thing can support, can it do a Q? When I start the PC after a complete shutdown off from mains as well it doesnt recognise the SSD in bootup and ahcl bios.

Will that make a difference when installing AHCI drivers? Going to install the ethernet here in a min.

Fix the issue that silent installation fails on CD. Newer JMicron driver 1.

My system has become so blotted over the years, I think I need to clean house and start all over again. Thanks for your insight. Could you update it again to reflect this post? Well, I installed Uguru and it is controlling my fans. Able to take a three year old obsolete unsupported motherboard into giving full performance with a sandforce SSD.

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