I really think security is a non-issue if you use responsible computing habits. There seems to be the thought that and XP should be supported indefinitely. Or sign in with one of these services. Windows is a lost soul now and all that other junk that’s come out since 7 especially is not Windows. It was a direct descendant of Windows NT Workstation 4. They essentially showed no regard for really maintaining Windows once XP was out.

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I think that happened for the same reasons a year later that XP came out and there were lots of compatibility problems. That’s not to say that you’re stuck if you decide to use Windows Pro on an old piece winn2000 equipment however.

Arguably Windows was one of the most stable resource efficient OS when it was introduced.

MSI NX7900GT GeForce 7900 GT (PCI-E, 256MB)

But a lot of web browsers dropped support I belive for Windowsthere it isn’t a whole lot better than Windows ME in that regard. Now with that being said I think the reasons for the quick demise can be summed up as follows. I have been using and experimenting with unsupported Windows versions for years and never got hacked or had identity theft. A long time even after Windows 10 is released. Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for MSFN.


ForceWare Windows XP/ bit

Windows is a lost nest now and all that other junk that’s come out since 7 especially is not Windows. Of course, that didn’t happen. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I didn’t know that Windows existed until I started using the internet on a regular basis in Fully bit, fully stable, and with a mature API.

Windows 2000 Pro: Microsoft’s best desktop OS ever?

Posted January 24, In my opinion, it wasn’t until Service Pack 1 and especially Service Pack 2 that many of these problems were ironed out and also more XP things were introduced or patches for existing software was produced. I suppose I never knowingly saw it because it looks a lot like Windows 95 or 98, so does NT 4.

That stunt filled me with deja vu What hest Windows Pro so great? Ahhh Good old days The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. Oh, so you can retain your settings on all computers with Windows 10 that you log into There’s no reason really to pile on where Vista is concerned.

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Windows one of the “forgotten” best MS OS – Windows //NT4 – MSFN

wih2000 Let us not forget that the UUrollup for provides many such upgrades. I’ll stick to my non-big brother version of Windows, thank you very much. I really think security is a non-issue if you use responsible computing habits. The funny besg is, as more games were written for Windows XP, those became compatible with Windows as well, so it would have been more usable in the home just not as fancy and glitzy.


Now eye candy and piracy protection is more important than usability.

I used to have a Windows computer, I liked it. Windows Pro shipped February 17, Any version of Windows before 3.

Not all hardware vendors embraced Windowswhich meant that older hardware would never run on it. You can’t get new software won2000 Microsoft such as IE 7.

I would say that the whole NT 5. I will use Windows until I can’t anymore, then it’s on to Linux.

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