During a loadtest is it possible to download a file from a server and save it on the local harddisk? What are the limitations on text or screens verification in Citrix projects in SilkPerformer? How do I resolve the error “No return status or output parameters will be returned from this stored procedure unless you use only parameter markers to pass parameter values” when calling a stored proc. Does Silk Performer support Oracle Financials? Parse data from a string in reverse direction. Client screens appear on agent during a Browser Driven Load Test.

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How can I make a sound or beep from BDL?

Can I install a SilkPerformer 6. Is it possible to break a page-based web script into multiple transactions without losing session information? Cannot perform this command while a document is being updated in background! During installation of a results repository on Oracle why do I get the error “Oracle8: Citrix scripts fail with “CitrixConnect CitrixEngine: How can I remove all occurrences of a particular character from a string?

How do I resolve the error “compile error SYN 1: SilkPerformer not prompting for load test folder with Reporter Tool Installed. Is it possible to get a description of the files extensions used in SilkPerformer? How do I see data per VUser errors, data, transactions etc in the output pane during a loadtest?


Failed to retrieve data from the database. (Microsoft)(ODBC SQL Server

Is it possible to record multiple protocols in SilkPerformer? Simulate a Mozilla Firefox browser on replay?

Silk Performer user simulation. Incorrect specification of opening and closing brackets within WebXmlParseNodeAttribute function when parsing from TrueLog Explorer leading to a compile error.

Authentication is not passed during Browser Driven Script replay. Can I set up a shared drive to contain data files for my controller and agents? Can I print my SilkPerformer scripts in colour?

How can I monitor Server statistics for a Ssrver 7 server? How can I customize the colors in the Overview Report? How can I compare 2 Hexidecimal strings for length and content? In the TrueLog Explorer statistics tab, what is the difference between “Conditional cache hit” and “full cache hits” against an image file? What might cause this behaviour?

ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The EXECUTE permission was denied

Abort a test using a command ldbc. Recording of browser traffic does not work if a browser window is already open. Silk Performer support for Streaming Media. How can I choose random rows from a csv file and ensure that the same row is not used twice by the same virtual user?


ERROR [] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Procedure or Function

How does licensing work for GUI-Level testing? Can I set up a workload which will run a transaction exactly X number of times? TrueLog Explorer hangs for several minutes when you use the customize session handling option to customize certain string values, how can I resolve this? Improving the clarity of your load test results data storage. How can I get the start time of my load test programmatically?

Is it possible to run a TryScript on an agent machine? How can I obc hex values into an ascii string? How can I ensure that each virtual user in my loadtest is assigned a unique IP address?

How can I define project specific include files?

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