Because the ES will see this and attempt to respond – and might be looping the data Software is usually setup to receive all incoming MIDI data. You can select Yamaha as the manufacturer. Maybe then it does not follow the strict GM protocol Forgive me but I have no experience with this VST “Strum” – and what it is or how it works or how you are using it. Apply the changes and close

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Firmware and Software – Yamaha – Africa / Asia / CIS / Latin America / Middle East / Oceania

Do you see what I mean? You only need 1 Midi channel on that first port to trigger your VSTi. You mentioned it might be some sort of echo but the held notes are different the the notes I played and sent That’s what I meant when I said it happens through the sequencer.

Again I have no experience with your particular VST and I’m not exactly clear on how you are using it. I normally see no dots until I play; however, when notes hang I see green dots even though nothing kidi being played.

Because the ES will see this and attempt to respond – and might be looping the data Software is usually setup to receive all incoming MIDI data. To reply, please Sign-in using the button in the upper-right. A “port” is the equivalent of a bi-directional Midi connection. Viewing topic “yamaha es8 and logic pro mptif.


All I am doing is recording notes in the Motif sequencer then I press play to hear the sequencer play back the notes I recorded. I mention this only because clearly you are sending es88 into the VST from an external device.

I think I need to perform a little more detective work motiv more precisely determine exactly what are the setting on Motif and VST when I get the held notes, then experiment a bit.

mifi The Motif ES can transmit on any single Midi channel. Sorry that the best I can offer. You are using the computer as a tone generator only And once it is recorded events you should stop calling it an arpeggio What you have written is that one arpeggio is triggering another arpeggio.

Once you create a user profile on Motifator and update with the appropriate information, the updates shown here will be specific to you. All the VST is doing is converting the notes to play as proper guitar voicing, again no arpeggio. If not, what Tone Generator are you playing it through? It is ,otif regular USB cable….

Converting Motif ES songs and patterns to exportable MIDI files

Are you using the Motif ES Arpeggiator or not? This could be the source of you “unknown” notes. And since the ES has multiple channels of data this might be the cause. I have never exported to work with MIDI before and wasn’t sure if any instrument including drum kits could be assigned and read on any track. That’s what we do or try to do Old Motifator threads are available in the Archive.


If I want to get rid of the unwanted notes, I simply tap the corresponding note on the Motif keyboard, the hanging notes are then turned off and the VST arp correctly plays what I recorded. Miidi login to post a reply.

Motif ES6, Motif ES7, Motif ES8 – Loading a MIDI File From a Smart Media Card

So now I got my SMF file to export but when I uploaded it into my transcription software, it read and played all 8 tracks using the same grand piano voice instead of the drum, piano, guitar voices I mixed into the various tracks of my pattern The correspond to your ES Midi channels ….

I was wondering how do I hook up my es8 to an imac running logic pro 9 as a midi controller?. The Sequencer can record notes.

The VST then plays correctly through its own arpeggiator. You mean notes you recorded into the ES sequencer. Unless the trigger notes are recorded to the track.

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