It has several command line tools. Note it will output shp and the corresponding shx, and prj files. The created table holds information on style and geometry and can be retrieved while downloading table in MapInfo Pro. The functionality is not as rich as PostGIS, but for basic mapping work and limited spatial analysis, and if you already have MySQL installed, it may suit your needs just fine. Geospatial Data Abstraction Layer. The most flexible way to do this is to use the -sql command which will take any sql statement. You also agree that you will not submit anything to this Blog that violates any right of a third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights.

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Convert PostGIS to MapInfo

Open file in MapInfo and then perform upload again. With regard to the content of any submissions you make through this Blog, you agree to remain solely responsible and agree to not submit materials that are unlawful, defamatory, abusive or obscene. FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Sometimes OGR does not output the right projection, particularly with Units of Feet or data that has no projection info or the projection information can’t be easily translated to your system.

So this section may be a bit obsolete for the upcoming versions.

If you want a sample geo database to play with, try the MassGIS annotation personal geo database http: Save time by using its drag-and-drop interface to postgiis data from hundreds of formats and applications, transform data in limitless ways, and automate virtually any data workflow.


Common Conversions FME lets you integrate many applications and file formats. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

If you want a mapijfo listing of options offered by ogr2ogr or ogrinforun the following at the FW Tools Shell. In the above, we are asking for just the CompleteChain layer and to output to a new file called sufcomp. To get mapnifo files for your location – you can browse their archive at http: PostGIS is a spatial extender for the PostgreSQL open source, enterprise class database system that adds support for geographic objects.

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mapinfo file to postgis

In these cases, you will need to select the geometry field to use. Please observe our community guidelines when posting comments. I’m using MapInfo From the shell – cd into your directory that poshgis the data you want to convert. Select table and then upload.

I am using PostgreSQL 9.

MapInfo Professional is a leading desktop GIS and mapping application used to visualize relationships mapinfp data and geography and derive new information. Or, get a free trial of our enterprise products: Send me updates from Safe Software I can unsubscribe any time – privacy policy.

Automate PostGIS to MapInfo Data Conversion Tasks

This article addresses the special circumstances that surround accessing data from a PostgreSQL database for use with MapInfo Pro, which requires setting up the database connection. EasyLoader is a freely downloadable tool plstgis managing bulk uploads of MapInfo tables into a database system. Sign up using Facebook. It is an appealing solution for organizations who don’t wish to be tied to vendor software.


MapInfo Professional v support for PostGIS – PB Software Blogs

This code exports only the neighborhoods and parcels tables to a folder called mydatadump in ESRI shapefile format. MapInfo Pro lets can access data wherever it resides, such as on a local machine or postigs the network. View Log for error details. In the below example, we don’t want OGR to create a table called mytable.

OgrInfo – inspects a GIS datasource and spits out summary data or detailed information about the layers, kinds of geometries found in the file. While OGR was designed primarily to transform data between different spatial datasources, it is a little known fact that it can be used as well for importing non-spatial datasources such as Dbase files and CSV files.

Poostgis MapInfo MapInfo Professional is a leading desktop GIS and mapping application used to visualize relationships between data and geography and derive new information. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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