G 5 For protective cages, see Protective Accessories, Part 6. Hole pattern for 1 or 4 prisms. Please check the price list for lead time. It protects the emitter and imager against vandalism or accidental damage. On request, this calibration gas kit can be equipped with portable gas detectors available for different gases and ranges.

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Specifically designed for, and approved to meet EN, the ENscape beacon delivers outstanding quality, reliability and long operational life.

Product catalogue. Fire and Gas Detection Systems – PDF

A radio interface module. Analogue Addressable Control Panels Representing the future of fire alarm control technology, Vega’s modular concept enables the tailoring of system design for the smallest to the largest system. Additionally, ITS-BOX is loopcojm with a built-in web server that allows users the flexibility to access, control, and configure equipment using a standard web browser.

New mechanical platform with revolutionary chamber offering: Gas detection systems The Loopccomm series includes an electronic circuit for signal conditioning generated by loopckmm transducer. This technology enables FAAST XT to accurately detect incipient fire conditions as early as 60 minutes before a fire actually starts when set for Early Warning and Very Early Warning Fire Detection in applications ranging from mission critical to harsh and extreme environments. Requires a separate reset.

The Sahep panels are specially designed for easy installation. A major feature of the new family is that both the wall-mounted and detector base devices will use the new Series Advanced BAP base, thereby reducing the number of separate parts that have to be stocked and managed.


Pipe ABSred, diameter 25 mm – 3 metres long, pack of 10 3 metres long pipe with external diameter of 25mm loopconm interior diameter of 21mm with ABS material.

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Terminal blocks pack of 20 Pack of 20 pieces. For use with standard bases B This interface is delivered with an USB programming cable and a Configuration software. It is a multi-criteria smoke and heat detector 58 C Rate-of-Rise. Max 2 x per panel. The control panel may detect 3 alarm levels from each zone and each alarm level may be associated to a particular output.

Countdown timer display which indicates the seconds left for release. This latches on, and remains illuminated until the detector is reset by a momentary power interruption. Requires 15V supply to operate Asuretest remote test capability. Includes surface mounting box. VDC mm x mm x 40 mm VdS number: It combines ease and speed More information.

If needed any type and an unlimited quantity of external comfort switches can be added. HD Sensors are compatible with all Notifier control panels using them like normal smoke detectors.

Compatible with the NF series of intelligent panels, these devices integrate seamlessly onto the loop wiring via a loop powered translator module that provides up to 32 wireless fire detectors and devices.


It comes complete with adapters to fit on the detectors’ heads.

Fire and Gas Detection Systems Product catalogue

The LEDs are programmable with static or blinking red, amber and green status indications available. The detector base is fitted with a shorting spring to permit circuit testing prior to fitting the detector and has a tamper resistant feature, which when activated prevents removal of the detector without the use of a tool.

It is shipped with two self-threading screws, which are used to fasten the chassis to the back wall of the cabinet For spare parts, please refer to Spare Parts at the end of this chapter In this way transient nuisances are monitored and ignored, reducing the false alarm rate. Relays for General fault, Extinguishing release activated, Preactivation, Extinguishing release in progress, Extinguishing release cancelled, Manual mode, Automatic mode Operating mode: The call points are designed to provide a manual alarm interface to conventional fire alarm control panels.

The unit transmits a coded message, preventing spurious alarms being generated by other laser based devices. Including test filter and 1x reflective prism.

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