The amount of connections configured in the pool should not be anyway be greater than the maximum number of connections which are allowed by PostGreSQL. Copy the JDBC driver into the ‘main’ directory you have created. I just don’t understand! It’ll be a greate help. Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need.

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I am trying to get my datasource running for a postgreSQL backend. We suggest looking in these t. You will have a success popup but if it is failed, a “Details” button will be available to have more information about the problem. Runtime name is the name by which the deployment should be known within a server’s runtime.

It is convenient as well to add this execution to your docker container if ;ostgres use that technology.

How to setup PostgreSql datasource with Wildfly ? – Soft’N BOK

I won’t be at the office this week but nevertheless I’ll try to publish a sample in the nboss days. From the superuser issue:.


A blank at the beginning of module. In our example it will be called “StenusysDemo”. Consider that in order to allocate such a large shared memory process, you must be running a 64 bit machine with postgrss kernel which allows a SHMMAX of that size. How do you connect a Datasource to a Cluster? JBoss run out of Connections? I just don’t understand!

Conclusion Here we go! Specify the module name and the location where the jdbc driver has been downloaded:. I cleared it and it works perfectly with “java: Get a clean PostgreSql – Wildfly configuration.

It is well suited for a proof of concept, your local environment or equivalent. I would jbpss open to just executing cli cmmands on deployment to create the datasouce definition as well but everything I have found on postgre subject is somewhat mangled or difficult to parse and execute.

Copy the JDBC driver into the ‘main’ directory you have created. Craig Ringer k 33 How to connect Jboss-as JBoss recipe of the day. Forums Downloads Projects Buzz. The edition of the configuration files is very common and a good solution.


Username and password are the credentials of PostgreSQL. Hey, can you publish your persistence. This content has been marked as final. Specify the module name and the location where the jdbc driver has been downloaded: Have you got No ManagedConnections available error message?

Strangely enough, it is not always trivial to set up properly connection between your application server and your database, or to do it in the best pistgres. Now log into postgres user and set the password for the database user postgres using psql which is the sql terminal interface towards PostGreSQL.

Soft’N BOK

To determine the maximum size of a shared memory segment, run:. Go to original post. Please enter a title.

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