The Zultys MX is a SIP IP telephone system that can only be configured in first party configuration though the communication is via the local area network. All you need is an approved Tapi device or switchboard that supports the Microsoft Tapi standard. This allows you to decide how you want information presented, and which particular information you want presented. Generally speaking you will require a third party Tapi driver. You should not need third party Tapi to do “screen data” transfer.

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CallerID needs to be sent from ta;i local telephone company to you. The TAPI driver must be supplied by your phone system manufacturer, vendor or a 3rd party telephony developer. A predictive dialer is a server based dialer system that is designed for groups of users making calls of the same nature to large quantities of prospects. Has anyone done this or is there any interest in working this with my reseller?

FAQs on CTi, Tapi Link, Power Dialer and Call Recorder for GoldMine

Again a driver called a TSP needs to be installed and configured on the workstation goldmibe server. It is not a webapp. DLL that can be used, but the catch is that every instance running consumes a Goldmine Seat. The Panasonic Tapi Service Provider that is freely available from Panasonic is installed on the server. One method is not better than another. To request an evaluation copy of Tapi Link, please email us using this link click here.

The delivery of a screen pop to an agent’s screen when the call is transferred from another extension is fully supported by Tapi Link. Each state falls into one category or another, please refer to the documentation goldimne establish which category your state falls into.


You can screen pop a transferred call with first party and third party though the delivery of the CallerID information under all situations is a function of the Tapi driver supplied by the telephone system manufacturer and may vary according to call origination.

However, if the modem is daisy-chained with a handset, the device will certainly not work very well.

The Norstar telephone system can be configured in both first party and third party configuration. The files will be played back by the default player for. The default option is GSM 6.

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This includes UNC paths and drive letters that have been assigned to network shares. Consulting a VOIP service provider would probably be a much more realistic option.

Call lists can be created centrally and synchronized out to remote agents. First Party Tapi also tap the advantage that should the hardware fail, only one workstation will be affected. A driver called a TSP needs to be installed and configured on the workstation.

You may be considering a modem.

The third party TSP that comes with the device is installed on the server. Because each recording has a unique file name, recordings can safely be archived to tape or other backup device periodically and retrieved by exact file name at a later date if necessary.

Taapi the modem has a microphone and speaker port for attachment of a headset then there is a good chance that the device will work to a certain extent with Power Dialer. The third party TSP that comes with the device is installed on the server and is enabled using a license key available from Nortel. After running the installation program you just need to select a few options taip the Tapi Link setup screen.


Most modern telephone systems support computer telephony integration by using one or both of two methods – first party and third party. A printer can be connected to the serial port, parallel port or USB port, it can be attached to a print queue on a server, direct over IP, via a JetDirect card etc. Thus it’s most accurate to say that Goldmine has quasi-TAPI support since it doesn’t support fully-compliant TSPs unless they’re linked to physical modems. In first party configuration, a device called a CTIA or an MCA depending on the handset in use is goldmiine to the telephone extension of the user.

Some, but not all phone system manufacturers offer a TAPI driver and some, but not all phone system vendors are aware of what a TAPI driver is holdmine about. Because the modem needs to drop out of a conversation so that the user and the call recipient have a clear line, Power Dialer does not know when a call is finished and needs to rely on the user to inform Power Dialer when they are ready for the goldmije call.

Some Information on the CTi capabilities of the Comdial telephone systems can be found on their website at http: It only searches Phone1, often screen pops internal callers and has no facility to bring up golldmine call dialog boxes on outgoing or incoming calls.

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