Operation not permitted 1 Mar 17 Here hcidump -v shows that version 5. If I press the P3 button it connects no problem. HIDP socket layer initialized Mar 17 Ok, so I’ve been doing some testing and found an interesting bug, I was going to create a new thread but this seems like a good place to mention it:. A couple things that I noticed today though are that pressing buttons on the controller when it’s connecting “activates” the controller.

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Contributions to the project are always appreciated, so if you would like to support us with a donation you can do so here. Any help would be appreciated! Sixpair output is as expected i get the same hardware address on both outputs and even jstest while plugged through USB reports all the buttons but it doesn’t change while gaia press them.

Hi ferenczb, I noticed that your hcidump reports version 5.

QtSixA depends as its name suggests on QT libraries. However, I found on the gmane mailing list that bluez patches are currently under developmentbut none of them made it into an official or main developer branch, yet.


Gasia PS3 controller doesn’t work? – Bitcraze Forums

I decided not to publish your instructions here, because they mainly deal with the sixad daemon, which already works very well on the Retro Pi distribution. Sixpair works fine and correctly shows the device: New USB device strings: I am having some issues with hotkeys.

What steps did you take? Fixing up Sony Sixaxis report descriptor input: Thank you for that I got almost to the end here. At step 5, I downloaded and extracted QtSixA but: This may also help: Surely selling the controller as what it is would be simpler than having to sneak around and recreate accounts constantly on the auction site?

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I know the rest gsia need it to connect. I managed to get more fake controllers. I was able to get one working using https: This is all on a fresh build of 3. I did trust on Gasia Ps gamepad that says Playstation R 3 controller.

Gasia controller support – RetroPie Forum

Please make sure to have build-essentials and header files installed. Thanks for the help!

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. I have had problems with Retropie crashing here and there but from my understanding it happens with any BT controller on Pi3. All i did was hold that down with PS button for 30 seconds.


After getting a bluetooth dongle, I finally managed to connect my ds3 controllers wirelessly. New USB device strings: Want to add to the discussion? I’ll let you know what happens as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, vasia doesnt work with bluez. If you like retro-gaming you probably came across RetroPiewhich allows to turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming machine.

Ok, so I’ve been doing some testing and found an interesting bug, I was going to create a new thread but this seems like a good place to mention it: I remember it being a pretty straight forward setup but let me know if you have trouble and I’ll try to figure out exactly what I did to get it going. But I wasn’t sure at the time and tried every option. Hi Dan, I strongly recommend to upgrade blueZ to version 5.

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