So to be ‘unclear’, it could be the source, the cable, the driver, or the chip’s resizer. Recommended Software conexant broadcast decoder cx Free Download. Also CX is sharper then BT Usually this variable should not be defined, unless you know what you’re doing. However it took quite a while until the new feature was merged into the main kernel line. But because the sample rates still match, the resulting gray pattern is the same for each horizontal line. Oct 13, at 3:

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That is exactly 1 DVD pixel per captured pixel. The problem occurs when your first video device does not support VBI.


Tips and Sdm Tip: My TV didn’t mind, but my TV cards didn’t like that at all. Dscaler support probably depends on how quick Jeff or I can get a card to John! Theoretical capture card with the capturing window beginning before the start of the active part of the DVD signal.

cx23881 The math is way beyond me, but I will nevertheless have a stab at it. Check if EPG data is detected: And here I was thinking that companies that wish to sell products should have a search function on their homepage that actually FINDS their products, and not rely on unrelated third-party searches to find things for them. But I was very carefull to avoind this on xc23881 test DVD. Your pictures actually helped a lot.


I think I know enough now to understand what Joe is saying. Here is a run down of my VCRs I’ve tested these cards under: But I don’t know what to change First link googling vx23881 tv” http: I used save to desktop to then view them using Windows Explorer http: Load a TV application’s channel table, for example from K! Even though the samples may not line up with the signal peaks, they can be reconsturcted because the interpolation between samples is not a straight line, it is a sin curve that matches the orignial peak.

Favorite Conexant CX Capture card? – Ars Technica OpenForum

So far, I’ve tried the following cards and all produce the same level of Line Noise: You can share your nxtvepg. I will re-check them and be back later with corrections if needed.

For example choose entry Themes in said menu, then in the small dialog which pops up remove all xc23881 from the right list and press OK. But because the sample rates still match, the resulting gray pattern is the same for each horizontal line. Arachnotron I’ve been reading a bunch and here is what I am guessing on this stuff today.

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Favorite Conexant CX23881 Capture card?

How’s DScaler with the new Conexant chip? Originally posted by Arachnotron I am very curious where you dwm the 6 MHz from. The more I learn, the more I go back and say ‘oh, thats what you use that for. PNG Finally, here’s a comparison between the two cards.

I will wdj them and be back later with corrections if needed. There are some differences in what the first line is that gets captured by a card, but since again what line is the first one to get played back varies per player there is not much you can test on that using a DVD player.

Originally posted by Arachnotron issue 2: Which, when I come to think of it, is also a circular argument.

Determining the capture area of a capture card – Doom9’s Forum

I might still not get it. Also consider that cz23881 time spent on support cannot be used to implement or improve features. If that is the case, there might be a capturing ‘sweet spot’ where the sampling matrix matches the source.

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