The V can support 8-, , and bit per pixel color component output and high dynamic range HDR rendering. The third and final benchmark I performed with the V was the full SPECviewperf 10 benchmark, which produced these scores: As the name implies, this feature automatically detects what application is currently running and adjusts the settings accordingly. Test Setup Page 8: The V supports Shader Model 4. In addition to the two DVI-I dual-link output connectors on the card, the V also includes a stereo 3D output connector and HD component video output.

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With a broad set of features and excellent performance numbers, this FireGL card will be at home in many demanding environments.

ATI FireGL V7600 2xDVI 512MB

All exclusively from Cadalyst! Test Results Page 9: The optimizations for AutoCAD weren’t yet part of the provided driver. In her easy-to-follow, friendly style, long-time Cadalyst contributing editor Lynn Allen guides you through a new feature or time-saving trick in every episode of her popular AutoCAD Video Tips. I list the scores for each of the component tests in the online feature table for these reviews.

However, for now we recommend taking a wait-and-see approach with Vista. Next, I performed dual concurrent sessions side-by-side, each running Fieegl C but running a different set of the C benchmark.

The V is a half-length, single-slot graphics card that requires no supplemental power feed and uses less than 75 W of power.


Test Setup Page 8: These two concurrent sessions were completed in 81 minutes, compared with the single Direct3D session, which required 79 minutes. To test all the graphics cards in this Cadalyst Labs review, I used a new system from Hewlett-Packard, the HP xw workstation, which is based on a proprietary Foxconn motherboard that uses the Intel X38 Express chipset.

Entire site Article Author Event News. The combined total index score of the two sessions was Follow Lynn on Twitter.

Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. The ATI FireGL V should prove to be a popular mid-range graphics card, as it offers an excellent set of features at a modest price. HardwareManagementReviews.

Do you v76000 social media — such as Facebook or Twitter updates, YouTube videos, or discussion forums — for work-related purposes?

They represent excellent performance for the price, regardless of the individual card you might choose. In addition to the OpenGL 2. I was, however, able to complete all other benchmark tests.

Dell ATI FireGL V (GP) MB DDR3 SDRAM PCI Express Graphic Card | eBay

Nvidia Quadro FX The combined total index score for these concur-rent tests wasand the tests were completed in 80 minutes as compared with the fiiregl standalone test, which required 77 minutes.

Considered a full-featured graphics cards, the V incorporates MB of GDDR3 RAM in a double-width, half-length card that is the only one of the three in this combined review to require a supplemental power connector — although it uses less than W of power in operation.


Thus, the tedious manual selection of settings for each and every application is now a thing of the past. Test Results Solidworks Test Results Conclusion – Shader Model 4.

With the native OpenGL drivers, the V produced at C total index score of f7600 with the Direct3D drivers, I got a score ofwhich was a good jump in performance.

Click any image to open launch it. For the first part of the benchmark tests, I ran the new Cadalyst C benchmark available at www.

ATi FireGL V Video Card – Reviews, Specifications, and Pictures –

Test Results Page The V supports Shader Model 4. The V offers a lot at performance for a reasonable price, some very sophisticated sti, and good value for those users who don’t need the absolute maximum performance possible. The combined total index score for these two tests waswith a completion time of 86 minutes, as compared with minutes for the single OpenGL test and 83 minutes for the single Direct3D test. However, the situation with regard to Vista may change fundamentally in a matter of months on the software side.

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